I have always been one of those nerdy people who gets overly excited about school supplies. When I discovered these highlighters, I was completely beside myself. My poor roommates had to tolerate my ramblings about how cool they were and demonstrations of how they worked even better than the liquid markers I used to be overly attached to.

I am obsessed with these highlighters for a few reasons. Most notably, they do not contain any plastic. They are also free of harmful chemicals and dyes. They smell slightly of wood instead of that horrible chemical highlighter smell. They are made of wood that will easily biodegrade, and they will last quite a while because they cannot dry out. On a practical level, they are great because they travel well, don’t bleed through pages, and are easy to use both to underline or completely color a line. While they do not erase completely if you make a mistake, you can significantly lighten the marking and make it less noticeable. They are also priced well for their durability and the amount of highlighting you can accomplish with each pencil.

For more information or see the other cool colors these highlighters come in, visit Stubby Pencil Studios.


This is literally a colored pencil.

It’s not magic or inventive or special, it’s a colored pencil that’s being sold for $2.50 a piece.

Save yourself the money and buy yourself some colored pencils

because that’s what they are

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